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Technology & Engineering

Sophisticated security systems, revolutionary gaming, cloud computing and big data analytics are just some of the ways Scotland is leading the way in software development.

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Myoelectric Touch Bionics


From discovering penicillin to cloning 'Dolly’ the sheep and creating the bionic hand, Scotland is one of the best. And we continue to innovate and inspire.

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Thinking of making the move to Scotland? Contact an international worker who has already made the move!

Click on the contact us button below and we’ll put you in touch with one of our Talent Ambassadors. They are happy to help you with any practical questions you may have about moving to, living and working in Scotland, based on their own experiences.

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  • Laura Suarez

    One of the things that I didn't know when I decided to stay in Scotland was the great work-life balance.

  • Jacek

    I have lived in different parts of Edinburgh for 10 years and I've never seen a dangerous situation, it's incredible how peaceful this place is.

  • Cynthia Alfonsin

    Something I did not expect and which is certainly the reason I feel I can live in Scotland for the rest of my life is how welcoming people have been with me.

  • Andre Duarte

    For the last year or two i've been overloaded with job opportunities. The demand for Software Engineers is very high.

  • Juan

    The Software/ICT job market in Scotland is growing and offers exciting opportunities. It's not difficult to find a job or move between companies.

  • Chris image

    For me the Scottish Highlands are the most beautiful part of the UK. They are close to the seaside, mountains and Loch Ness offers the opportunity for outdoor activities all year round.

  • Lucas image

    I moved to Scotland for the opportunity to work at a company with challenging problems and career prospects at a level that is not available in Portugal.

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Move to a place where the entire country is a gym membership.


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