Checking international qualifications

Ensure you attract qualified international professionals to your organisation. Get advice from UK NARIC - the official source of information on overseas qualifications and education systems in the UK.


It’s important that you are able to make an informed decision about whether a potential employee’s qualifications are appropriate for the job. This can sometimes be challenging if the person’s qualifications are from outside the UK. 

However, UK NARIC can help you compare overseas qualifications with the equivalent levels in the UK.  They provide advice on vocational, academic, professional skills and qualifications about countries from around the world.

Alternatively you may wish to direct an international applicant to the NARIC so they can request an assessment to provide to you. 

After making an evaluation, the UK NARIC can provide a letter of comparability identifying the UK equivalents of your potential employee’s qualifications.

How to apply

As an employer you can access the NARIC online database of evaluations by country.  It provides a list of all the qualifications and the associated UK evaluations.   Alternatively you can submit the individual’s qualifications for evaluation.

In order to access these services your organisation will need to purchase a membership package.  The NARIC offers different services packages to suit your organisation’s needs.

Your potential employee can apply online and send the supporting documents to the NARIC in the UK.  They will also need to pay a processing fee.  Information about NARIC’s services, fees and processing times is provided on their website.