Spin-out success

When recruiting for key roles within highly specialised spin-out companies, Dr Catherine Breslin of Strathclyde University uses TalentScotland to gain access to a wide range of talented individuals.

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As Research and Knowledge Exchange Manager at the University of Strathclyde, Dr Breslin plays a vital role in identifying high-tech projects with the potential to become successful spin-out companies, and finding CEO Designates to manage them.

A CEO Designate can be crucial for prospective spin-outs and have a huge impact on the overall company formation process. Gill Brown, for example, was recently recruited as CEO Designate of veterinary diagnostics company, Quantilyte, and is responsible for the overall running of the company, overseeing the development of technology, raising funds and customer and market research. It is therefore important that the University has a strong and varied pool of applicants to make their selection from. More recently, Strathclyde University have been successful in recruiting Frederic Eyber from France, as CEO Designate of Chitopolymers.

A wider talent pool

Despite the fact that there are many applicants pursuing these roles, it can still be a challenge to find the right person. Ideal candidates for these sought-after positions have a background in a particular sector in addition to the requisite business skills.

“For me, advertising through TalentScotland has proved the best way of recruiting for these opportunities.” Dr Breslin explains. “We also use internal networks, but I like to use a channel that reaches people from further afield. TalentScotland helps us to refresh our pool of applicants.”

“I first found out about the advertising opportunities on the TalentScotland website because colleagues had used it in the past. My own experience has been positive, too – I’ve now used it three times, and we’ve always had a good field of candidates.”

Advertising a job on TalentScotland can prove a quick and convenient way to open such opportunities up to a wider market. Dr Breslin explains that “it’s free, but it’s also very easy to get an opportunity up there quickly. That’s a real benefit for us.”