Perception survey

As an employer it’s important to know what influences and attracts people to relocate to a new country for work. Our perception survey provides valuable insight into what’s truly important to people. Just as significantly, it highlights what people think about Scotland.


Thousands of people have responded to our survey and many regard Scotland as a top destination to live and work. 

Understanding people’s concerns ensures you present yourself as an exceptional employer, meet expectations and adequately address any concerns.

Our latest survey reveals that welcoming communities, access to the outdoors, job prospects, personal safety and work-life balance are all key considerations when deciding to relocate to Scotland to work. Other aspects that are important people include things like salary, job prospects for partners, commuting times and the quality of public services, culture and nightlife.

Why Scotland?

The survey results help to answer the question of why people choose Scotland. It provides an understanding about international professionals' knowledge of the country, their expectations and needs. It also reveals their concerns when relocating to another country. 

TalentScotland uses this information to improve our services and provide the most relevant and required information. As an employer you can use it to highlight your organisation in an appealing way to international prospective employees. 

Stay informed

Make your organisation attractive to skilled international professionals . Read our latest survey findings to discover what matters most to professionals when considering relocating to Scotland for work.