Commuting and travelling in Scotland

Scotland is a well-connected base for your business that links you to the UK, Europe and the world. Find out about commuting and getting around.


Scotland is a well-connected base that links your business to the UK, Europe and the rest of the world. Comprehensive road networks and public transport make getting to and from work easy too.

Our five international airports fly to over 150 destinations. It’s a quick one-hour to London with Scotland's busiest airport, Edinburgh, flying to over 100 destinations. And for those travelling further, Glasgow International Airport is the long-haul gateway to cities in the Middle East, the USA and Canada.

You can effortlessly travel to work or business via rail. Scotland’s trains link the country coast-to-coast, as well as with the rest of the UK and Europe. London is around four hours 30 minutes away by rail from Edinburgh or Glasgow.

Scotland's modern road network has less traffic density than other parts of the UK. In fact, congestion and traffic jams are few and far between. Major motorways lead south, while a freight ferry service connects with northern Europe.