Domain names in Scotland

Your domain name is the web address people go to when they want to access your products or services online - or your email. To register a domain name, you must apply to an accredited registrar.


In your web address, the domain name is the words that come after ‘www’. In your email address, it comes after the ‘@‘ symbol.

Many businesses in Scotland use a or .uk domain name. Research has shown higher levels of interest in the .uk domain among the tech-savvy, digitally-engaged people.

Although it usually incorporates your company name, owning a registered trade mark does not automatically entitle your business to use it as a domain name.

How to apply

To register a UK domain name, apply to an accredited registrar – this is an online retailer where you can buy your domain. Nominet is the biggest domain name registry in the UK. It provides a list of registrars, advice about how to register or resolve a dispute about a domain name.