Getting Insurance in Scotland

Getting the required insurance for your business is important because you can be fined heavily if you are not properly insured. Find out how to insure your business.


As a business in Scotland, under UK law you must have:

  • Employer liability insurance to cover compensation and legal costs if an employee suffers work-related injury or illness
  • Third-party motor insurance if you use vehicles in the UK

Although not required, most businesses have other insurance cover in place for protection. This may include:

  • Business insurance for your premises, including regular inspection and safety certifications of plant, machinery and electrical installations
  • The right type of liability insurance to cover legal costs for areas like intellectual property infringement, service failure and unfair dismissal

Getting the required insurance is important. Businesses and individuals face harsh penalties and can be fined thousands of pounds every day they are not properly insured.

Other insurance to consider

There are other types of insurance that are not legally required for your business but you may wish to consider for your business. These include things like product liability, personal indemnity, group travel and personal accident insurance.

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