Broadband – and setting up phones and IT in Scotland

It’s essential your business has the right IT, phone and internet infrastructure to succeed in Scotland and internationally. Find out how to set up.


Businesses across Scotland use digital technologies to grow and compete at home and internationally.

In Scotland, you have a wide choice of IT, phone and internet infrastructure providers and implementation services.


In Scotland, you can choose from several internet options according to transfer speeds and processing times. These include:

  • ADSL 2+ – offers fast broadband for your business
  • Business fibre optics– offers superfast broadband for your business
  • Ethernet First Mile Line (EFM) – dedicated direct line for your business. Ideal for things like Voice over IP (VoiP), video conferencing and sharing large data files.
  • Fibre Leased Lines – dedicated one-to-one data connection between sites. Ideal if you need speed, reliability and security.


You can choose analogue or digital telephone lines for your business. A digital system is recommended and the most popular as it offers a more comprehensive system. It allows your business to have a single main number along with individual numbers for the rest of the people at your company. Alternatively, a Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) allows you to install a dedicated internet connection and use voice calls.


99% of the Scottish population has access to standard broadband. 95% of businesses in Scotland and the UK have access to superfast broadband. That’s already higher than France, Germany, Italy and Spain. Additionally, the Scottish Government is committed to delivering digital connectivity across the whole of Scotland by 2020.

Get advice and compare

Scottish Development International (SDI) can give you advice about the best way to set up your IT infrastructure in Scotland. You can also compare providers and broadband, phone and IT prices in Scotland on