Scottish culture

Burns, bagpipes and Braveheart are only part of our story. Scotland’s steeped in proud tradition and ever-evolving to embrace new and wonderful customs. We have warmly welcomed people from around the world. And each one has discovered our hospitality, culture, and creativity. You can too!

Scottish Culture

Ambitious, passionate and oh so funny. But more than that, our culture is about belonging, opportunity and expressing yourself – in whatever language from English to Gaelic and many more.

Fàilte gu Alba – or welcome to Scotland!

We’re ambitious and not afraid of hard work or doing things differently. In fact, we aspire to be the best. From Charles Rennie Mackintosh's revolutionary designs to bionic hands or even using our natural resources, we continue to inspire, innovate and make Scotland - and the wider world - a better place.

We’re a vibrant culture united by many backgrounds – from the early Irish settlers to the influx of Asian families in the 60s. More recently, many Eastern Europeans have shared their traditions and made Scotland home.

Our culture is your culture

You don’t need to be Scottish to enjoy our beautiful landscapes, friendly towns and outstanding cities – you just have to appreciate and celebrate life.

Simply, Scotland is a welcoming place to call your own.