Eating and drinking in Scotland

Infamous for our haggis, loved for our whisky and commended for offering some of the finest local produce in the world, Scotland is a foodie’s dream. Don't just take our word for it. Taste it yourself.

Boy holding a strawberry

Farmer’s Markets and bustling pubs and bars are just some of the ways to whet your appetite in Scotland. Our multicultural cities mean you can find delicious food from around the world - so no matter what your taste we’ve got something for you to savour.

With an abundance of whisky distillery tours and food festivals, you won't just eat food in Scotland. You can spend an afternoon, a weekend or longer meeting our producers and understanding how all these luscious treats are created.  

Our many Michelin starred chefs like Nick Nairn, Tom Kitchin and Andrew Fairlie are transforming Scotland’s natural produce, game and seafood into culinary sensations for you to enjoy.