Top reasons to live and work in Scotland

You can develop your career in Scotland by working for top companies in some of the world’s most exciting sectors. Find out what else it offers.

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Scotland is the ideal place to develop your career and work in some of the world’s most innovative companies in exciting industries.

Top reasons to make the move to live and work in Scotland include:

  • Career choice - unrivalled opportunities to work in top industries
  • Working conditions - high quality, well-regulated working practices
  • Lifestyle - options to suit every taste, from cosmopolitan cities to tranquil towns
  • Transport - short commuting times, and excellent connections the rest of the world
  • Standard of living - an enviable lifestyle, that is less expensive than many other areas in the UK
  • Healthcare - free, high-quality healthcare system
  • Education - excellent schools and renowned universities
  • Safe - a secure place to live
  • Leisure - from sports to music to arts and culture and more, there are many ways to play in Scotland