Getting around Scotland by road

Whether you’re going to work or sightseeing on the weekend, getting around Scotland is easy. Well organised roads link the country from city to coastline. In fact congestion and traffic jams are few and far between.

Road in Scotland

Did you know that almost 90% of people working in Scotland live within 16 miles (25 kilometres) of their workplace and the average commute is between two and three kilometres? Less stress and effort spent getting around means more time for you to enjoy other interests – including exploring Scotland.

An excellent network of motorways link Scotland with the rest of the UK with short travel times between major Scottish cities like Glasgow and Edinburgh – a popular commute that only takes just under an hour.

Take the bus

With over 400 bus services operating in Scotland daily, you can let someone else do the driving. Services run in and between all the major Scottish cities and the rest of the UK, including major airports and railway stations.

The bus is the cheapest way to get around Scotland and there are even late night services in major cities such as Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Get on your bike

You can leave the cars behind by exploring Scotland on your bike. It’s also the perfect way to discover quiet trails, coastal and canal paths and stunning scenery. More than a third of the country’s cycling routes are traffic-free, making them perfect for families.