Welcome to Scotland

Around 5.2 million people happily call Scotland home – you can too. After all, our family extends across the globe, with nearly 50 million people claiming Scottish heritage world-wide.


It’s true, we like to chat. Although English is the main language spoken here, we have an extensive and interesting range of Scottish accents and dialects from city to coast. In some parts of Scotland, like the Highlands, some of us speak the ancient Celtic language Gaelic.

Our safe and supportive communities have warmly welcomed people from all over the world, meaning we’re now also home to 150 secondary languages like Arabic, Punjabi, Mandarin and Polish to name a few. Mosques, temples and synagogues sit alongside churches – allowing you to freely practice a variety of religions.

Innovative and creative

Scotland offers exciting opportunities to develop your career in inspiring and diverse industries across the country. We’re a global leader in traditional industries like finance and also thrive in innovative areas like engineering, life sciences, technology and renewable energy.

With the largest concentration of universities in Europe, we’re at the forefront of research, discovery and invention. Scottish universities work with over 26,000 companies every year. That’s more collaborations between universities and industry than any other country in Europe.

From penicillin to animal cloning to the bionic hand, we’re a top location for research and development, so you can work in unique and exciting ways.

More than breathtaking scenery

With nearly 800 islands, numerous magnificent castles and sprawling coastline, there’s a lot to explore. In fact, no matter where you live, you’re never more than 40 miles (65 km) from the sea. But we’re more the merely breathtaking scenery.

Whether you’re looking for an exciting social life in our multicultural cities or for the tranquillity of relaxing towns, Scotland is perfect for adults, children, singles and families alike.

Whatever the weather

Our weather is the subject of much debate but is typically temperate, changeable but rarely extreme. Generally we have milder winters but cooler wetter summers than other areas on similar latitudes like Labrador in Canada, Moscow or southern Scandinavia. The east coast of Scotland is cooler and drier than the west, which is milder and wetter.

While certain areas of the country do get their share of rain, as the birthplace of the ‘Mac’ raincoat, we’ve got you covered. Besides, in mid-summer the northern parts of Scotland benefit from four more hours of daylight than London.