Getting a TV licence in Scotland

Watch or record TV shows live as they’re broadcast? You’ll need to get a TV licence or could face a £1000 fine. It’s money well-spent. You’re helping to fund public broadcasting – meaning less time spent watching ads and more time watching quality, uninterrupted programmes on the BBC.

remote control pointing at TV

If you watch or record programmes as they are being shown, you legally need a TV licence to watch them in the UK. In addition to TVs, this includes computers, mobile phones, games consoles, digital boxes, DVD/VHS recorders or any other similar devices.

However, you do not need a TV licence to watch videos or DVDs, online catch-up services like iPlayer and 4oD or clips on websites like YouTube. If you only use TV equipment for closed circuit television such as security cameras, you do not need a TV licence.

A standard colour TV licence costs £145.50 and you can pay for it all at once or in installments.