Fantasy sports company strikes deal with NBA

FanDuel will work with the NBA to launch a series of new games.



Fantasy sports is big business, and the fastest growing segment is one-day fantasy gaming. With that in mind, the NBA has done a strategic partnership with FanDuel to promote the one-day gaming site and launch a series of free games throughout the 2014/15 season and beyond.

FanDuel, which has an office in Edinburgh, lets users to join one-day fantasy matchups, draft a team of their favourite players, and try to get the most points each day. Users pay to join particular matchups and are awarded prizes depending on how well their teams score.

As part of their strategic partnership with the NBA, the basketball league will be linking to and promoting FanDuel’s one-day fantasy games across its digital properties. Meanwhile, FanDuel will run a series of free daily contests throughout basketball season, which will allow participants to win NBA-related prizes.

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