ThinkAnalytics are looking to expand by doubling its headcount

ThinkAnalytics which works with some of the world's biggest television businesses believes it can double job numbers at its Scottish headquarters over the next few years.

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ThinkAnalytics employs close to 40 people at its Glasgow base and has capacity to add 10 more immediately but is struggling to find enough qualified developers.

Eddie Young is keen to make sure the core business continues to grow in Glasgow.

He said: "We want to attract and hire more quality technical staff into this office. Whatever is happening with the universities over the past five years they are not turning out enough IT graduates.

"We actually want to grow really good IT jobs in Glasgow. The core is here and we want to keep the core here so we can keep the quality really high and know what is happening. It is a real issue.

"Today we could add another ten jobs here easily and over the next couple of years we could double the number of [developer] jobs in Glasgow. Quite frankly it is tough."

If you’re looking for your next tech career move, Scotland is the place to be. Our tech sector has enjoyed year-on-year growth in excess of 10% for the past few years, and there are exciting opportunities with a range of global players and ambitious Scottish start-ups.

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