Glasgow's International Financial District - In their own words

Check out this brand new video clip which captures how Glasgow is a great city in which to live, work and play.

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Scotland's largest city has transformed itself into a dynamic, stylish, ambitious city. With its thriving business sector, the city has become a leading choice for investment and relocation.

Glasgow has been one of the fastest growing cities in the UK in its rate of job creation. Almost 80,000 new jobs have been located in the city since 1995, and almost 40,000 extra city residents have found work over this same period. In terms of GVA per capita. Glasgow is one of the star performers among UK cities.

Multicultural, magnificent and brimming with personality, Scotland’s largest city is home to nearly 600,000 people. Discover rich history, stunning architecture and the best shopping in the UK outside London. Glasgow is one of the highest ranking cities in the UK for quality of life. (source: Mercer survey, 2012)

Have a look at the video below which captures why Glasgow is a great city in which to live, work and play.

Glasgow, a great city in which to live, work and play

Want to work in one of Europe’s leading financial centres - second only to London in the UK? Come to Scotland. Our growing financial services sector offers opportunities in everything from insurance and banking to investment management and asset servicing.

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