One in 25 Scots is now in tech job

The annual Scottish Technology Industry Survey reveals one in 25 Scots is now employed by the country’s booming technology sector.

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There are more than 1,000 workplaces in the IT and telecoms sectors, worth an estimated £4 billion annually.

The figures are revealed in the annual Scottish Technology Industry Survey, which examines the health of digital services.

“Scotland’s IT and telecoms industry provides a vast range of products and services to many sectors, including health and social work, education, financial services and construction,” said Polly Purvis of trade body Scotland IS.

“The report shows high level of confidence among businesses, with 87 per cent reporting themselves as being optimistic or very optimistic about the year ahead.

“Sales growth was reported by 70 per cent of businesses, half of these reporting turnover of over 20 per cent.”

The majority of Scottish firms expected to recruit more staff this year.

View the full Scottish Technology Industry Survey 2015

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