DEM Solutions Ltd partners with CMAC

DEM Solutions, the Discrete Element Method (DEM) specialist and market leader, announced it has joined CMAC as a tier 2 industry partner and will provide its EDEM software to integrate into the Centre’s research program.

Dem Solutions


CMAC is a world class national centre in advanced pharmaceutical manufacturing accelerating the adoption of continuous manufacturing for the production of high-value chemical products to higher quality, at lower cost and more sustainably.

Led by the University of Strathclyde, CMAC is a research platform supported by the EPSRC with teams working across seven UK Universities.  Strong academic and industrial partnerships are the foundation of CMAC with support from Tier 1 industry partners GSK, AstraZeneca, Novartis and Bayer and a broad range of technology companies.

The new partnership with DEM Solutions will enable CMAC to get access to EDEM – one of the leading DEM software for simulation and analysis of bulk solids. EDEM will be used to get a better understanding of how different crystalline pharmaceutical materials behave in both wet and dry conditions, reflecting the environments and processes in which these materials are manufactured. By getting insight into how materials flow and interact when mixed with each other and with processing equipment, researchers can predict properties in advance of expensive R&D to ensure that development workflows are configured to provide the optimal drug product in the most efficient manner possible.

Prof Alastair Florence, EPSRC Centre Director, highlighted:
“EDEM software will give us new and fundamental insight into the properties of crystalline materials and their behavior during processing. EDEM will be integrated into our existing in-house digital workflows providing non-DEM-experts with easy access to models and functionality in support of their research.”

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