Edinburgh named best city in Europe to start a tech business

Scotland's capital has been named the best city in Europe to locate a tech business by readers of European Business Magazine.

Skyline view of Edinburgh


It’s one of Edinburgh’s fastest growing industries – a cutting-edge money-spinner with the potential to make its investors overnight millionaires.

Edinburgh’s technology sector has been going from strength to strength in recent years, buoyed by the phenomenal success of companies such as Skyscanner and FanDuel.

The questions is, how can this growth be nourished and developed in the future? Tech guru Nick Freer, who runs the Freer Consultancy and advises many of the leading lights in Scotland’s tech scene, said the key was attracting more investment and top international talent.

Mr Freer also highlighted another factor in Edinburgh’s success as a tech hub – its relatively high quality of life - “The lifestyle factor in Edinburgh is really important, It’s this beautiful city that’s small and also a capital. There’s lots going on here – it’s got amazing cultural events like the festival.”

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