Speech Graphics animation software is going global

Scottish animation studio, Speech Graphics is going global after its product was used in hit new video game Gears of War 4.



Speech Graphics, which spun out from the University of Edinburgh’s School of Informatics in 2011, said Microsoft’s Coalition subsidiary, developer of Gears of War 4, is the first company to use its SGX system, animating more than 35,000 lines of dialogue in the science fiction shooter.

The firm, housed within Edinburgh’s CodeBase technology incubator, has spent five years researching and developing SGX, which enables game studios to convert audio recordings into realistic facial animation.

David Coleman, animation director on Gears of War 4, said: “Speech Graphics provided us with a robust system for automatically creating quality facial animation for the many thousands of lines of gameplay dialogue. We found the people at Speech Graphics to be very responsive and helpful in us achieving our goals."

Speech Graphics currently employs eight staff and is planning to recruit three more people in the coming year.

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