GSK affirms its long-term commitment to manufacturing in Scotland

Significant investment in recent years confirms the company’s belief that Scotland is an excellent base for manufacture and export to global markets.



The company employs more than 100,000 people across the world; over 800 work at its two Scottish manufacturing plants, and a further 200 contractors are based at Montrose.

The Irvine plant produces active ingredients which are used in two of the company’s leading antibiotics. It manufactures around 2,500 tonnes of active ingredients each year — enough to supply 700 million people with a week’s course of antibiotics.

On the east coast, the Montrose plant makes a range of active ingredients that are used to treat conditions including HIV/AIDS, hypertension, dermatological diseases, flu and other respiratory diseases. Medicines that contain Montrose components are taken by over 20 million people around the world every day.

A vibrant life sciences industry

Whatever the company’s reasons for setting up shop in Scotland almost 65 years ago, today it’s the availability of a skilled workforce, an established supply chain backed by good infrastructure, government support and a strong academic culture that generates the company’s future talent pool that keeps them here.

The company describes Scotland as a country with a vibrant life sciences industry that punches well above its weight in global terms. It also points to Scotland’s world class universities and good transport links by road, rail and sea, and particularly strong air links to Europe and the United States.

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