Scotland is number 2 in top 10 must see countries in 2017

Scotland has been named number two in the top 10 countries to visit in 2017 according to Rough Guides' list of "must see" destinations.



Rough Guides said a Highland road trip along the North Coast 500 was one of the main reasons to visit Scotland.

And in the year the first Harry Potter book marks its 20th anniversary, it said there was no better excuse to visit some of the locations made famous by the magical films.

"Wildlife, whisky and a wonderfully warm welcome make Scotland a perennially popular destination, but in 2017 there are even more reasons to visit," Rough Guides added.

Top 10 countries for 2017

1. India
2. Scotland
3. Canada
4. Uganda
5. Bolivia
6. Nicaragua
7. Portugal
8. Finland
9. Namibia
10. Taiwan


Video credited to Rough Guides

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