10 Scottish tech companies to watch in 2017

It’s no secret that Scotland has been developing world-leading technology for centuries. From the television and the telephone to radar and the ATM, Scottish innovators have always shaped the way that we work and play.



These days, Scotland is home to a growing number of digital technology businesses that are making a big impact on the tech and gaming world. Here are 10 Scottish technology companies to keep an eye on in 2017:

1. Machines with Vision

Computer vision and robotics experts Machines with Vision knew that their expertise in image recognition could revolutionise the transportation sector. Their innovative position mapping technology is now being used to enhance positioning in self-driving vehicles.

2. Think Analytics

Think Analytics’ Emmy Award winning media analytics platform combines data from a variety of sources (like TV consumption, video on demand, web, mobile and social media) to give broadcasters and service providers new insights into subscriber behaviour.

3. TVSquared

TVSquared knows that TV remains the most powerful channel for advertisers. Their platform provides accurate, actionable insights, same-day campaign measurement and optimisation to the 175 billion USD global TV advertising industry.

4. Cloudgine

Augmented and virtual reality games require a huge amount of processing power, which is where Cloudgine’s technology comes in. The company uses distributed cloud computing to supercharge computationally-intensive game components, creating a more immersive gaming experience.

5. Tag Games

Mobile game studio Tag Games recently launched their Chilli Connect backend and analytics toolkit to help game developers engage with players, get immediate insights into the commercial performance of their game and release content updates.

6. deltaDNA

Thanks to a combination of game design and marketing analytics expertise, deltaDNA is one of the game industry’s leading producer of games analytic tools. Using data technologies and real-time analysis, deltaDNA’s platform provides player profiling to help advertisers show the right ad to the right player at the right time.

7. Cobra Mobile

As one of the first international game developers to release games on Apple’s App Store, Cobra Mobile has always been a leader in the gaming world. They publish games on a variety of platforms, such as mobile, Steam and smart TV, including the BAFTA-nominated iBomber series.

8. sensewhere

Focused on developing indoor positioning software to overcome GPS blackspots, sensewhere’s adwhere service provides venue owners and marketers with the tools they need to deliver contextually-relevant adverts, coupons and vouchers to customers. Precise location data can be combined with data on shopper’s past purchases, online searches and more to deliver promotional messages to them as they move through a venue.

9. Adimo

Adimo’s e-commerce platform improves marketing effectiveness for brands and makes buying easy for customers. Their technology can add a checkout/add to basket option to any branded content, marketing or media.

10. Mallzee

Shortening the path to purchase is central to the design of Mallzee’s fashion shopping application. Described as the ‘Tinder for Fashion’, Mallzee’s mobile commerce shop now provides access to over 150 fashion brands. Since its launch in 2013, Mallzee has won more than 50 tech and retail awards and is consistently named as the best new app on the Apple App Store.

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