Increasing annual COS allocation for sponsors

Applications to renew your allocation of undefined certificates of sponsorship (COS) should be made by 5 April 2021 for the period beginning 6 April 2021-5 April 2022.



Undefined COS

These certificates are relevant for (1) those Skilled Workers who are applying from inside the UK; and (2) those applying for entry clearance, permission to enter or permission to stay on all other routes.

Applying to renew your allocation of undefined COS

In advance of 5 April each year, sponsors will be asked to estimate how many COS they will require for the year ahead. The sponsor should submit a request to renew their yearly allocation unless they are eligible for and receive an automatic allocation. This request can be completed online.   Businesses should consider how many they are likely to need so that the request can be justified.

Any unused COS expires on 5 April.

Applying for an increase in undefined COS

You can also apply to increase your allocation of undefined COS at any time during the year. However there can be a delay in obtaining one as the Home Office processing times can be considerable so it is sensible to apply through the renewal process.  


The Home Office have published guidance on requesting an increase of annual COS allocation in their second sponsorship management system (SMS) manual available here.

The guide provides instructions for completing the request online starting at page 39 of the SMS manual.

The guidance on renewing your annual allocation is also available and begins on page 44.