UK-Australia Trade Deal

A new trade deal was agreed between the UK and Australian governments on the 16th of June 2021.



The full text of the agreement is still to be published and scrutinised by parliament, but the initial agreed details can be found in the Agreement in Principle.

Mobility & Visas

As part of the trade deal, certain general commitments were made to new mobility arrangements, including for business travel. Specific provisional agreements were also made in relation to the mobility of Australian citizens in the UK, including:

  • That the Temporary Worker- Youth mobility Scheme visa will be extended to Australian nationals up to the age of 35 (instead of the general age limit of 30) and give them the ability to come to the UK for up to 3 years (instead of the current 2-year

When do these changes take effect?

There is currently no date given as to when these changes will be implemented, however it has been agreed between the UK and Australia that visa changes as a result of the new trade deal will be made within 5 years. Further details on the agreement between the UK and Australia can be found in the Government's official press release and the Agreement in Principle.