Immigration Update - Temporary work visas

On 7 October 2021, the UK government published guidance on temporarily recruiting overseas poultry workers or Heavy Goods Vehicle ('HGV') food drivers under the Temporary Work - seasonal worker visa scheme.



Temporary work visas: HGV food drivers and poultry workers

The UK government's guidance page (available here) has been published setting out the relevant workers (and their occupation codes) who would be eligible for recruitment under the temporary visa scheme. Temporary visas will be available for 5,500 poultry workers and 4,700 HGV food drivers. HGV food drivers must have an HGV licence recognised for use in the UK and applies to EU, EEA and Swiss licence holders only.

The guidance page also provides details of the scheme operators that employers must contact in order to recruit temporary workers. The employer will not be the sponsor under this scheme – this will be the relevant scheme operator. The application process varies depending on the operator and the operators can advise on the application process and the costs involved.

Deadlines and visa expiry dates

The webpage also notes the following deadlines and expiry dates.


Applications for temporary workers must be made by

Temporary visas granted will expire on

Poultry workers

15 November 2021

31 December 2021

HGV food drivers

1 December 2021

28 February 2022

The government has advised those looking for help with applying for workers on a temporary visa to email: 

The guidance reflects the changes made to the Immigration Rules and the details of the rules can be found Appendix Temporary Work - Seasonal Worker available here.