Care worker - Shortage Occupation list update - 15/02/22



With effect from 15th February 2022, care workers have been added to the Shortage Occupation List. 


The Shortage Occupation List is a list of jobs which are deemed to be in short supply.  This means that these roles are now eligible for sponsorship under the Health and Care visa.  A minimum annual salary threshold of £20,480 will apply to care workers under this route.    Care workers also require to be paid the minimum going rate for the job code.   This change is a temporary measure which will initially be in place for a 12 month period.  The Home Office has stated that a decision was taken to add care workers to the Shortage Occupation List as a result of the pandemic pressures.


The relevant job code which has been added to the Shortage Occupation List is 6145 which includes: Care Assistant - Care Worker - Carer - Home Care Assistant - Home Carer - Support Work (Nursing Home)


Further details on how to apply are here: