Ukraine Sponsorship Scheme

On 18th March 2022, the UK Government opened Phase One of the Ukraine Sponsorship Scheme (also known as the Homes for Ukraine Scheme). This scheme allows UK individuals or organisations to offer accommodation to certain Ukrainians fleeing the current conflict in the UK and become their 'sponsors'.



The Scottish Government have announced that it will act as a 'super sponsor' under the scheme. This removes the need for applicants to be matched to a named individual before they are cleared to travel to the UK through the visa system.

The Scottish Government programme is open to Ukrainians who are applying for a visa under the Ukraine Sponsorship Scheme. To take advantage of this, they should opt for the organisational sponsor route, and select “The Scottish Government” from the drop-down box in response to the question “Which organisation is sponsoring you?”. Details on the Scottish Government's role as a super sponsor can be found here.

Further information on the scheme and who is eligible to be sponsored under the scheme can be found here and details of the application process are available here.

The information contained in this update is accurate as at 1 April 2022. Please ensure the guidance is consulted for the most up-to-date information in relation to the Ukraine Sponsorship Scheme.