360CRM is a young, dynamic, innovative and growing company with a significant NHS client base.


We have an established reputation for providing a quality service shaped by a deep understanding of the ethos of NHS which guides the development of our services. Patient confidentiality and information security are a primary concern for us and all of our services are certified to the highest level of information security, ISO27001.

360crm is able to provide services for all message types SMS, Email, IVR and Agent as well as Contract Centre services. In addition 360crm can provide a fully managed service which blends any combination of messaging and services covering the full range of messaging activity both inbound and outbound.

360crm Chronos

360crm Chronos appointment reminder service has delivered significant reductions in DNAs and generated substantial increases in capacity and revenue for NHS Trusts. Chronos uniquely blends agent calls with automated calls to confirm a patient’s intentions a few days before their appointment.

If patients no longer need or cannot make their appointment, Chronos instantly alerts the Trust, allowing the appointment to be reallocated. Chronos is easy to implement, is suitable for all patients and produces real increases in capacity and PbR payments within weeks.

Why work for 360crm

360crm are a rapidly growing company. We are always on the lookout for talented individuals who meet the following criteria.

  • Smart …we don't mean academic ability, but the ability to think - quickly and creatively
  • High energy … the ability to excite and enthuse clients and colleagues
  • Honest … when the going gets tough deals with the situation as it is, not how they would like things to be

We hire people - not skills or experience

Here at 360crm we do not hire particular skills or experience. We are looking for energetic people who enjoy their career and who will actively seek to develop the company, its clients, products and services. In return, we promise successful candidates an interesting and rewarding environment in which to develop their careers.


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