4D Pharma Research Ltd

4D Pharma are pioneers in harnessing bacteria as a revolutionary new class of medicines – called live biotherapeutics. From asthma to cancer, we conduct world-leading research to identify live biotherapeutics with drug-like functionality to treat a range of diseases. We are uniquely positioned to rapidly translate our research into regulated, safe and efficacious therapies for patients.

Talent Scotland

4D Pharma PLC is a pharmaceutical company focussed on developing therapeutics from the human gut microbiome. Live biotherapeutic products (LBPs) derived from the gut microbiome represent a new class of drugs that contain live organisms for the prevention, treatment or cure of disease. 4D Pharma is a world leader in the LBP field and currently has two clinical stage programmes (in IBS and IBD) and a strong pipeline of pre-clinical programmes in autoimmunity, inflammation, oncology and CNS disease.


Life Sciences Innovation Building
Cornhill Road
AB25 2ZS