A Fox Wot I Drew Ltd

A Fox Wot I Drew are a young games company based in the University of Abertay Dundee.

a fox wot i drew logo 2

They formed to participate in 2014’s “Dare to be Digital” competition and developed their original title, “Baum”; which won the “Award for Commercial Potential”. Winning this provided the team with the funding to form a company in partnership with “Design in Action”: a growing network of business people, academics, designers and creatives looking for new ways of doing things.

Working with Design in Action has allowed them to release “Baum”, while also providing opportunities to work with their contacts to look at games in ways most start-ups cannot. For example: collaborating with a professional graphics designer for their company identity, and working with psychology professors to perform focus testing based in scientific method.

Moving forward, A Fox Wot I Drew hope to continue making creative products with this inclusivity of external influences.


University of Abertay
Kydd Building, 40 Bell St

01382 308919