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CLOSING DATE: 31/10/2016

Embedded Software Engineer

Edinburgh, Stirling & the East

Job Details

Your Assignments Should You Choose To Accept Them:

To support our business growth we require a self-motivated embedded software engineer to drive and implement innovative products for our customers, drawn from industries as diverse as: Smart Metering, Oil & Gas, Life and Medical Sciences, Assistive Technologies and Defence.  This is a high-profile, prestigious opportunity for you to show off your talent in a fast-paced technical environment with lots of variety.

Essential Technical skills:

  • 5+ years experience of developing embedded / real-time systems.
  • Strong C/C++ skills gained in a commercial environment.
  • Development of high quality code and adherence to best coding practices.
  • Ability to interpret datasheets, protocol documents, design specifications.
  • Software problem-solving and bug-fixing.
  • 16 and 32bit microcontrollers (eg PIC, MSP430, AVR, ARM Cortex, Blackfin).
  • Standard busses and protocols (eg RS232, I2C, I2S, CAN, SPI).

You Must Be Human and:

  • Enjoy problem solving and working in a fast-paced technical environment.
  • Work best in a team environment.
  • Possess strong communication skills; both internal and customer facing.
  • Use and understand appropriate methodologies to design build and test complex systems.
  • Create customer-readable documentation, test results and reports.
  • Regularly investigate, develop and integrate new techniques, processes & tools.
  • Have a good understanding of general IT skills and responsibilities.

An ability to leap tall buildings when necessary is a plus, as are these bonus skills:

  • Smart Metering experience.
  • DSP algorithm development.
  • Assembly language.
  • Zigbee/Bluetooth/Wifi/Ethernet/USB.
  • Linux kernel porting / driver development / Windows development.
  • RTOS experience (eg FreeRTOS, VxWorks, ThreadX).
  • Windows/Mobile background
  • Video or still image capture and processing.
  • Peer review, estimation.
  • True interest in software development and investigating cutting edge technology

We have been delivering design solutions for more than a decade, including proof of concept or prototype to full production.  We know our stuff and you should too. What you’ll get for your talent and effort is a like-minded team focused on professional and personal success. Kick it up. Give us a call.