AbacusBio International Limited

AbacusBio is a highly respected science and technology firm, delivering world-class innovative solutions across the agribusiness world. We meet the challenges of a modern agricultural world head on, with some of the very best scientific minds in the business. AbacusBio offers the ability to solve agri-business problems and deliver impact.

AbacusBio International Limited

The organisation is renowned for its people centric, practical, and collaborative approach. AbacusBio’s extensive knowledge base, unique intellectual property and global networks, facilitate the group’s science and business professionals to convert science and technology expertise into commercial outcomes. AbacusBio are leaders in the application of science and technology in agriculture, horticulture and forestry, and aquaculture, with services covering a wide range of scientific and business areas from data science to strategic agri-business planning, decision-tool development to financial modelling, across operating contexts. The firm’s passionate, collaborative and committed people are its core strength. The current professional cohort, operating from New Zealand and the United Kingdom, represents many nationalities and cultures and brings a broad and experienced focus to any agri-business challenge. With experience in innovation across a wide range of sectors, contexts, and operating environments, with commercial, government, academia, NGO, and industry organisations, AbacusBio offers the ability to solve agri-business problems and deliver impact.


Roslin Innovation Centre, Easter Bush
University of Edinburgh
EH25 9RG



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