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Channel Bakers core tenet is to Help Brands grow their sales and influence in their retail and eCommerce channels.

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Through data-driven strategies, we help brands reach new audiences and tell their story.

Think of your internet presence as a pie – we focus on increasing the total, cumulative value of your eCommerce and retail channels, not shifting consumers from one “slice” to another.

We do this through creatively adding value to consumers through effective marketing, merchandising and product education.

Our Vision - Grow the dough.

In everything we do, we believe in challenging the status quo because we’re passionate about delivering real solutions that provide the outcomes you’re looking for.

Our Experience - Increase profitability.

With more than 100 years of combined experience, our team has provided brands with proven strategies that have increased sales and profitability within the Internet Retail Channel while minimizing channel conflict.

Our Philosophy - Always add value.

We always add value to every client above and beyond expectations. We don’t expect that you’ll hear our pitch and be sold. Rather, we stop, focus, and listen to your needs then seek to find the real solution that deliver.

Why Channel Bakers?

Channel Bakers was founded in 2015 by our visionary CEO Joshua Kreitzer. Josh saw a huge need for brands to start moving their advertising dollars over to Amazon to promote their products. Channel Bakers has seen year over year growth on Amazon and has grown with the platform. Come join our eclectic team and be apart of our growth!


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