Akari Solutions Ltd

At Akari we believe in doing things a little differently - a new type of Partner brought to the world of technology with a focus on digital inclusivity. We believe that technology not only shapes the world we live in but can improve it significantly with a few innovative and creative solutions.

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We are a group of individuals passionate about technology and how it shapes the world. A mixture of business minds, tech geeks and change evangelists we spend our days working to ensure that every advancement in technology can be used to help change how you work.

We truly believe that digital transformation is not just about a new way of licensing software or some additional evergreen tools. It’s about maximising your investment in the greatest technology. Utilising new and exciting AI and cognitive services and mixing it with solid business ideas and your own strategy to create a roadmap unique to you.

A lot of what we do is founded by the people who dreamt up the vision for Akari.


Fortune House
74 Waterloo Street
G2 7DJ


https://twitter.com/AkariSolutions https://www.linkedin.com/company/akarisolutions/