Alba Ultrasound Limited

Alba Ultrasound is a global leader in the manufacture of piezoelectric sensor systems, a fact exemplified by its current Queen’s Award for Enterprise and Innovation.

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Historically, the Company pioneered the application of piezoelectric composite transducer arrays for underwater sonar and it has created a unique platform of technical design expertise supported by an evolving IP portfolio of customised materials and processing technology.

Since its establishment in 2000, the Company has gained a proven track record in both commercial and military sonar, working closely with a prestigious international clientele to help create some of the world’s leading sonar systems.

Operating from its headquarters in Glasgow, Alba Ultrasound can offer an unparalleled level of service, ranging from design and prototype development, through to elevated levels of production. An in-depth understanding of the interaction between materials and processes, along with subsequent environmental impacts, has allowed Alba to manufacture extremely complex ultrasonic sensor arrays which are capable of reliable, long-term operation under the most demanding and harsh conditions.

The Company currently occupies a position right at the forefront of sonar sensor technology and is actively developing new market areas on non-destructive testing and in – line process control.


Block 3, Todd Campus
West of Scotland Science Park
G20 0XA