Alfacyte Ltd

Alfacyte is an early-stage pharmaceutical company located at Biocity Scotland. It is developing a novel immunoregulatory platform with application in the field of allergy therapeutics.

Alfacyte Ltd

Alfacyte was established in 2012 by Prof. William Stimson, Professor of Immunology at The University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland. Alfacyte's patented platform technology has the ability to steer T-cell response. When applied to allergy, it has the ability to boost immune response and increase tolerance to allergens.

Alfacyte is currently researching the immunological properties of a number of candidate molecules which will form the backbone for the development of new therapeutics. The initial application area is in the field of food allergy - specifically peanuts. Further research will prove the platform's immune-modulating characteristics which will offer new prospects in fields such as oncology vaccination.



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