AmbieSense Ltd

AmbieSense Ltd is a company specialising in the integration of digital information with physical space and objects. We do this on mobile phones, through innovative solutions; with a view also towards the emerging tablet computer market.

AmbieSense Logo

Our long-term vision is to enable ambient, informed choices on the mobile. We are specialists in bringing relevant information to the right situation and user. This includes integrating and using search technologies, multimedia, wireless sensors and tags (e.g. nfc, rfid), bar codes, wireless networks, and cloud services augmenting digital content with physical places and objects.

We offer innovative mobile app and solutions development that align the user’s information needs with the individual business needs. Our offering helps serve the customer on the mobile. We focus on bringing in-depth information to the user.

We are a research and development (r&d) focussed company with international contacts, projects, and network within research, telecom, media, and creative indistries.


7 Queens Gardens
AB15 4YD