Anacail Ltd

Anacail is a venture capital backed SME spin-out of Glasgow University.  The company has unique patented technology for the easy and safe generation of active oxygen (ozone) inside sealed containers.  Ozone is a recognised powerful germicide.

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The initial target market for Anacail’s technology is in food processing where it has the potential to improve food safety and extend shelf life through post packaging treatment of food.

Anacail's technology has demonstrated efficacy in yeast, mould and bacteria (inc Campylobacter) suppression under laboratory conditions, and is about to enter production trials with major UK food producers in fresh fish processing, bakery and chilled goods.

The company leads an industry consortium that recently won a major grant from the Technology Strategy Board in the area of Food Processing and Manufacturing Efficiency. Anacail are also developing sterilisation products for the medical, dental and consumer markets in its product roadmap.


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