Welcome to Appit, a social mobile applications company based in Dundee, Scotland.


We do it all — from helping to update the social network of your choice, to making sense of the influx of information you receive everyday or even helping you to find the time of your next train home. If you can think of it we can make an app out of it.

And that's just as well when you consider the facts. Currently over a third of adults in the UK own a smart phone and revenues from app sale number into the hundreds of millions of pounds. With both of these trends set to grow rapidly in the near future the smart money is on apps.

At Appit we're dedicated to exploring the potential of social media networks, location services and next generation technologies and we're interested in hearing from you no matter the scale or scope of your project. We deliver on all levels of application development, from the beginning of the smallest idea through to submission of the final product to the market place and after sales support.


1 South Tay Street