APS Biocontrol Ltd

APS Biocontrol Ltd. focuses on the development and implementation of high-technology solutions to pest and disease problems associated with humans, animals and crops.

Advanced Pest Solutions Ltd

APS Biocontrol Limited (‘APS’) develops and delivers safe, natural environmentally-sustainable solutions for the control of insect and other invertebrate and microbial pests which affect humans, animals and crops.

Concerns about the use of dangerous, synthetic chemicals as pesticides have severely curtailed their use. In addition, pests and diseases are developing increasing levels of resistance to currently-available products. These factors are creating opportunities for novel, environmentally-acceptable technologies for pest and disease management. These are being enhanced by legislative trends and by the changing attitudes of both industry and the consumer.

APS offers a range of specialist products and services for the management of insect and other pests. Clients have includes a range of national and international organisations and the company’s development portfolio consists of technologies and solutions that cover the three fundamental aspects of effective pest management programmes:

  • novel, safe pest- and disease control products;
  • improved product deployment and delivery methods;
  • targeted management solutions to maximise product effectiveness and minimise environmental impact.

The company’s Biocontrol team bridges the gap between basic sciences and commercial application.

A particular focus is on the application of bacteriophage and other novel antimicrobial agents in environmental disease and pest management, aiming to take them through the processes of production, formulation and field testing to develop commercially-viable products.


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