Artilium plc

Artilium is a leading European developer of telecoms software for mobile network operators.

Artilium plc

Artilium is at the forefront of the Telco 2.0 revolution, in which mobile operators are moving to all-IP networks, adopting the rapid applications and services models of the Web, and delivering the next wave of mobile services. Artilium plc is a publicly listed company on AIM: the Alternative Investment Market of the London Stock Exchange (LSE/AIM: ARTA).

The company headquarters are in Bruges, Belgium and a growing development and research facility is located in Dunfermline.

Artilium has completed more than 40 installations serving tens of millions of end-users in 11 countries.

Artilium’s ARTA Mobile Services Platform is an open, highly extensible Next Generation Service Delivery Platform including an Intelligent Network built on Service Oriented Architecture principles and designed to enable rapid creation of new mobile applications. ARTA activates the coming wave of third-party application development and innovation.

By providing open and secure access to mobile network functionality and autonomous software processes, ARTA enables infinite possibilities for intelligent mashups which combine network capabilities of presence, mobility, location and telephony; with Web services including advertising, social networking and search.


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