Astrea Power Ltd

Astrea Power is an exciting new spin out company that will exploit a novel electrolysis technique invented at the University of Glasgow that will revolutionise hydrogen generation and power to gas.


Electrolysis for hydrogen generation is increasingly being recognized as a key enabling technology for the supply of high purity hydrogen for fuel cell vehicles, energy systems and industrial applications.

Within these contexts, hydrogen production via electrolysis enables: 

  • Maximising grid integration of renewables.
  • Increasing the economic value of renewable assets (energy storage).
  • Creation of a low zero carbon fuel to decarbonize transport, heat and industrial applications (CO2 reduction value).
  • Economic application of ultrapure hydrogen in industrial and laboratory applications.

Current electrolytic hydrogen generation systems remain high cost, are not easily coupled to renewable sources and their cost reduction routes other than via economies of scale are limited.

The technology Astrea will exploit was developed by a team led by Professor Lee Cronin of the School of Chemistry at the University Of Glasgow. Scottish Enterprise, Scotland’s economic development agency, have funded the project since 2013.

The technology has resulted in a patented system that has both cost and performance advantages over current current electrolyser and hydrogen storage systems including: increased durability, increased efficiency, low cost high pressure and high purity capability, reduced precious metal usage and low load capability for maximizing solar/wind capture and as a consequence delivers a lower cost of ownership to the end user.


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