Astrosat is an ambitious space services and management company based in Edinburgh. Its current focus is on Managed Earth Observation Services and solutions for disaster mitigation and resilience at government level as well as low carbon, core infrastructure and renewable energy solutions.


Who we are

Astrosat is an ambitious space services and management company which is quickening the pace of commercialisation of the space sector. It is among the leading UK contenders in the realisation of the potential of the near cosmos.

The innovative company has created a series of products and applications which have adapted space technology for the immediate benefit of a huge variety of users, including local authorities, emergency services, environmental agencies, power stations and infrastructures operators. It is continuing this vital work, producing effective tools or bespoke solutions that are beneficial to a wide range of clients. 

What we do

Astrosat, based in Edinburgh, Scotland, collaborates with major European and other international space bodies. It uses earth observation data from around the world and varied satellite communications systems to create solutions to both existing and future problems.

The team at Astrosat has created systems which have the capacity to protect and save lives on a global scale. One of these is the Recovery and Protection in Disaster (RAPID) system, designed to provide data sourced from every available satellite to allow a developing country to make large costs savings through greater resilience and recovery from disaster.

RAPID aggregates, manages, analyses and shares critical infrastructure data, creating actionable intelligence for operational monitoring of urban centres and rural outputs to ensure vital areas such as food security or export resilience are maintained.

Astrosat has also created mechanisms for monitoring coastal erosion, off-shore energy and communications security in the field. Constantly piping its value driven innovations into commercialisation resulting in an impressive growth – unprecedented in the UK space sector.


Astrosat has won a string of prestigious prizes not only from the scientific community but also from the business sector, in recognition of the practical solutions derived from its space expertise. The company has also won major prizes for its Transport Sentry, ThermCERT and WaveCERT tools. It has won the Copernicus and Space Innovation prizes from the European Space Agency a record breaking 5 times in 4 years. It has won Royal Society accolades and been awarded BQ magazine’s exporter of the year.