AvantiCell Science Ltd

AvantiCell Science Ltd is a biotechnology Company specialising in cell biology and cell culture technology.

AvantiCell Science Ltd

AvantiCell’s founding principle is that advances in cell culture technology enable the development of physiologically-relevant alternatives to animal testing in research and drug discovery. To this end, the Company offers high-throughput cell-based assays incorporating physiologically-relevant primary human cells and measuring key indicators of cell health. AvantiCell also offers unique culture systems enabling, for example, study of transport of xenobiotic molecules from the circulation into milk, modelling their potential to enter the human food chain.

The Company's business is concentrated on cell-based assays for use in drug discovery and biomedical research. Assays are offered as an in-house service, but will also be sold as easy-to-use kits for customer use. Assays are presently focused on the aetiology of cancer, but will extend progressively to lifestyle-related diseases. AvantiCell's technology has increasingly found application in testing of novel biomaterials, in the evaluation of potential therapeutics from novel sources e.g. marine microbes, and in the quality-control of traditional medicines. The Company’s customers are in the pharmaceutical, agri-biotechnology and healthcare industries.

AvantiCell Science Ltd was incorporated in June 2006, and operates from premises on the Auchincruive Estate, Ayr, Scotland. The Company was founded by Drs Colin Wilde and Jo Oliver to exploit know-how and proprietary technology for the culture of mammalian cells. Our scientific team was recruited locally, and has many years’ experience in the isolation, cryopreservation and culture of a wide range of primary cells from man and other species.


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