AWS Ocean Energy Ltd

AWS Ocean Energy has grown due to our applied combination of technology that works, diligence and real wave expertise – all in the pursuit of practical, affordable energy. Our vision is clear. We will create and deliver the technology of choice for utility scale wave power generation.

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Our core business is the provision of enabling technologies and related high-value services to the marine energy sector. We believe that this patented technology will prove to be key in evolving a world leading wave power device.

Wave energy will play a significant role in future energy supply, both in the UK and on a global basis. By creating a focused commercial company to take our device from proven concept to commercial product we will accelerate the arrival of a viable wave energy industry and a proven, reliable source of power generation.

Our partners are well-established industrial companies with the skills and expertise necessary to engineer, manufacture and deliver the AWS-III as a commercial product. Our role is to co-ordinate and manage that process, consolidate intellectual property and market the technology world-wide. We are determined to succeed and to have fun delivering results!

We value our culture of passion, hard work and innovation. This results in a positive and exciting working environment where each employee is encouraged to share their ideas and to actively contribute to the team effort of delivering commercial wave power.  


12 – 14 Seafield Road

+44 (0) 1463 725410