BBI Solutions

BBI Solutions has been serving the global diagnostics industry for over 50 years, and is the  world’s largest independent producer of immuno-diagnostics reagents. We develop and manufacture critical components for the diagnostic industry, but also apply our expertise by delivering solutions that bring critical components together in the development and manufacture of point of care and conventional tests. Furthermore, our Novarum Mobile Diagnostic Platform complements across the diagnostics workflow to interpret and share assay results. This makes BBI unique among IVD suppliers.  

BBI Solutions, Dundee Facility

Our range of immuno-diagnostics reagents includes human antigens, antibodies, enzymes and serum & plasma products. With manufacturing sites spanning four continents, we produce world-renowned labels for lateral flow, ELISA assay and biosensors, including our high-quality gold nanoparticles and glucose oxidase. The acquisition of German-based DIARECT AG in June 2020 established BBI as the leading provider of antigens in the autoimmune and tick-borne IVD markets.

BBI Solutions is part of the BBI Group.

Solutions’ Novarum™ technology transforms a smartphone into a mobile diagnostic platform, empowering users to read and share the results of rapid tests at the point of care.  

Our pioneering patented technology can be used by anyone, anywhere, with minimal training; connecting patients and doctors, field workers, lab researchers and primary care clinicians to specialist practices as part of a mobile eco-system. 

Our dedicated team of software developers and lateral flow scientists work in partnership to develop  mobile solutions that differentiate our customers’ products in the market and addresses their end user needs. 

The Novarum™ diagnostic platform is revolutionising diagnostics within infectious disease, auto-immune and toxicology, due to the versatility of reading a wide and complex range of visually read tests. 

BBI Solutions holds patents for our Novarum™ technology in Europe, the US, China, Japan and Russia.