Benchmark Holdings Plc

Benchmark Holdings plc is a sustainable food chain business employing over 270 people in 12 countries.

Benchmark Holdings Plc

Benchmark Holdings Plc is an ethical and progressive group of companies working in the field of sustainable food production with particular emphases on aquaculture technology, animal health, sustainable science in food production and technical publishing to the global farming and food production industries.

The company established and uses the principle of the 3Es (bringing together Ethics, Environment, with Economics within all business activity), it combines expert knowledge, scientific research and evaluation and practical methodology to help drive change and progress.

Benchmark operates internationally with offices in the USA, Brazil, China, Thailand, Norway, Ireland, Iceland and in the UK it has operations/offices in Sheffield, Oxford, Braintree, Manchester, Edinburgh, Ardtoe, and Inverness.  The Benchmark group currently employs over 270 people and is growing at an annual rate of circa 35%. Benchmark Holdings plc is an AIM listed company on the London Stock Exchange.

The Group also provides consulting services, scientific and technical information to its growing customer base around the world. Clients include blue-chip multinationals such as McDonald’s, M&S, Bayer and Novartis.