Binary Pumpkin Ltd

After nearly 30 combined years developing console games, the co-founders of Binary Pumpkin are now concentrating on digital distribution projects across mobile and new under-TV devices.

Binary Pumpkin Ltd

Binary Pumpkin were formed in 2011 by Bruce McNeish and Lol Scragg, previously founders of Cohort Studios, a large independent console developer in Dundee. The two founders have well over 30 years combined industry experience between them and have held senior Design, Programming and Production roles on franchises such as Medal of Honor, Harry Potter and Formula One.

Whilst the company have targeted their own digital products at a non-traditional gaming market, they have still received over 350,000 downloads of their Bingo games across all platforms and have also achieved an average user review rating of 4.4/5.0 (88%) based on over 10,000 customer reviews.

In addition to working on mobile and handheld devices, the company also develop for PC, Mac and browser platforms using middleware solutions.


c/o Proper Games
Seabraes, 28 Greenmarket